Juku Online Classes 
Fall/Winter Term has 7-12 sessions.
English – Math – Science – French – Reading

Public Speaking – Debating – Mental Math

Vocabulary – Politics

cool Fall Online Classes: $7/hour is based on full enrolment. $9/hour for partial weeks.

cool Add $1/hour for high school classes or classes above the child’s grade level.*

cool Classes start as soon as 6 students have registered.

cool Additional children (same family) save 15%. **

cool Refer a new family before the first class and receive a $25 referral credit.***

cool 100% refunds on remaining classes, before the start of the third class.

*     Premium classes have limited enrolment, additional costs to run, or are classes above a child’s grade level.
**   Sibling discount (15%) is applied to the sibling with the lesser fees.  Same immediate family.
*** A “new family” is one that has never taken a class/camp at Juku and have registered before the first class.     See Referral and Refund Policy.

Fall Scheduling (Tentative)

Students should enrol in courses for their grade level.
Most courses are 90 minutes.  High school courses may be longer. Teachers will require open video/audio unless there is a special request from the parents.
Requirements:  computer, wifi, Zoom, Google, and printer.

♦ Math  4                                       Thu    4:30 pm
♦ Math  5                                       Wed   4:30 pm
♦ Math  6                                       Tue    6:30 pm (c)
♦ Math  7                                       Sat     tba
♦ Math  8                                       Mon   6:30 pm (c)
♦ Math  9  (2 hours)                    Th/Fr  6:30-8:30 pm (c)
♦ Early Reading (SK/1)              tba
♦ English Writing (2/3)              tba
♦ English Writing (4)                  Sun   1:30 pm
♦ English Writing (5)                  Tue    6:30 pm (5)
♦ English Writing  (6)                 Wed  6:30 pm (c)
♦ English Writing  (7/8)             Fri     6:30 pm (c)

♦ Public Speaking (6-8)              Tue   4:30 pm
♦ Science 1 (4/5)                           tba
♦ Science 2 (6/7)                           Mon 6-7:30pm
♦ Science 3 (7/8)  (c)                    Sun 3:30 pm  

♦ Science 4 (9)                               tba

*  All times are teacher preferred times.  Class times are subject to change.
tba – To be announced.  Class times are based on student preference.
c – confirmed to start

There is no registration fee.  Payments are only required once a class is confirmed to start.

Registration Form


Early Registration is not a commitment to take the class.
It helps us to schedule classes and to notify you of upcoming start dates.
Payment is not required until a class is confirmed to start.
One registration form per family. Later additions will require another registration form.
* Individual student emails are required to access and submit note/exercises through Google Classroom.