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Thanks for a very enjoyable Camp Juku 2017.

Have a fun and safe school year.

Registration for Camp Juku 2018 will start March 2018.

Mount Joy PS and Beckett Farms/PET HS

Other location(s) being considered :

Cornell Village



Camp Juku 2017 Video is now online! (short version).

This site will be updated next March with Camp Juku 2018 information:

    Last year’s camp information is still available:

View a video of previous Camp Juku’s.


Read some testimonials from students.


Get a description of what goes on every week.


Understand how to register and make payment.


Look at frequently asked questions (FAQ).


Review our refund and referral policies.

There is no risk to registering early. Just savings!

Fees start at $85 per week


You have up to June 1 to make any changes to your

schedule and rates.   There is a $15 registration fee if you

decide to cancel the complete registration.

Call/text for more information (416-737-7285)