Building Confident Children!

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View a video of previous Camp Juku’s.

Read some testimonials from students.

Get a description of what goes on every week.

Understand how to register and make payment.

Look at frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Review our refund and referral policies.

Chat live online (when we’re online) or

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Flash Updates!

Registration is now available.

Next Important Date:  May 15, 2nd Early Bird Rates.

Even if you register early, you can receive 

a refund before June 1.


 Mount Joy PS  or  Beckett Farms/PET HS

July 9 – August 17


Refer a new family and both save $20.

New! Sports, Activities, and Fun

Students now have the option to join academic

or sporting activites in the morning.

Mount Joy, Grades 4-9

Sports in the Morning  (gymnasium)

  Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Soccer, Fitness… 


Fun Activities in the Afternoon (all students)

  Drama, Dance, Art, Science, Mechanics, Leadership…

Movies, Field trips, Games, and Contests.