We've Got Fun!


Previous Activities – We add new ones every year.

Arts and Crafts, French, Dance, Drama, Reading, Power Vocabulary, Medical Science, Political Science, Mechanics (Lego), Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports, Magic, Card Tricks, Game Systems, Board Games, Geography, History, Law, Environmental Science, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Chess, Rubics Cube, Programming, Public Speaking, Debating, Leadership, Team Building, Comedy/Improv, Math Magic, Creative and Academic Writing.


Special Activities – The standard classics for all locations

J-Points.            Throughout the day, students collect J-Points. These points are used to win daily prizes, weekly prizes, candies, snacks and a chance at being first at the toy box. 

Mini-Olympics.  Each week, students play a series of team indoor or outdoor games.  We have developed over 40 team games to choose from.  All students participate. 

Movies.  Twice a week students relax with an age appropriate movie.  Popcorn and drinks provided.

Raffle Prizes and Freezees.  There are end of day prizes, weekly prizes, and special freezee days.

Special Fridays. At the end of the weekly assembly, we raffle draw for special prizes and the order of going to the toy box (everyone gets to go).  The Mini-Olympic winners are also awarded.

Field Trips.        Crazy fun field trip at the end of July and August.