All-Day, All-Fun Field Trip

Location     This year we will be returning to Bruce Mills Conservation Area (Warden and Stouffville Road) for another great picnic outing.  The park is perfect for our purposes: separated from the other picnic areas, huge shelter and nicely treed area with plenty of field space.  It’s a short bus trip.

Time   The trip is scheduled for the weeks of July 24 and August 14.  The exact day will be based on the weather forecast for that week.

Fun      From when the children first step out of the bus, there won’t be a dull moment.   After a quick overview of camp rules and expected conduct, we play a game to introduce all the teachers and the students to each other.  We then organize the group into teams and play a series of “new” relay games for prizes.  The younger children are supervised by the EduFun teachers as they play fun, lively, and safe games.  

Food   While the games are going on, a group of hard working teachers are barbecuing hundreds of hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, pizza, and vegetarian meals.   Children line up to pick up their meals along with chips, juice or water, vegetable sticks, and condiments.   Last year, it was pretty much all-you-can-eat as we had a lot of leftovers.  

Relaxation  After the meal, we’ll crank up the music and let the students have some free time.   Students can play sports, dance, talk, take pictures, blow bubbles, demonstrate tai chi, taekwondo, or dance moves, or just “chill” with another hot dog.  Another fun-filled day at Camp Juku.
Bus and Field Trip Fee:  $15  or  $10 if you’re on the meal plan