Math and English Classes for all grades and levels.

Teacher-led, Curriculum-based Classes

Math and English Classes –  1.5 hours, $50-$75/month

Whether a student is advanced or stuggling, the most important aspect of grouping students is to ensure that everyone is at the same academic level.  

  • We require at least 5 students to schedule a class.  
  • Two hour classes or classes smaller than 5 students are $75/month.
  • It is important to call and be placed on Juku’s waiting list for any class.
  • As soon as we can match the students with a teacher, time, and location, we will start the class.
  • Students taking Juku’s Combo class can switch into a Math and English classes.  There are no additional fees.
  • Regular Math classes are strictly Ontario curriculum-driven.  Advanced classes go well beyond the curriculum. 

    **Two Week Guarantee!  If you decide to quite before the third week, you can recieve a full refund.

Popular Classes

  • Learn-to-Read, JK-grade 1
  • Writer’s Workshop 1:  Grammar and Writing, Gr.3-4
  • Writer’s Workshop 2: Grammar and Writing, Gr. 5-6
  • Writer’s Workshop 3: The Writing Process, Gr. 7-8
  • Writer’s Workshop 4: Academic and Essay Writing, Gr. 8-9
  • Math Reg. and Adv., Gr. 5-11
  • Vocabulary/Public Speaking, 5-9