Math and English Combo Class

Juku’s most popular class.  Gr. SK – 8, from $55/month

Students can start at anytime, at any level, and at any of our locations.

Richmond Green HS, Middlefield HS, Pierre Elliott Trudeau HS, or Mount Joy PS (Bill Hogarth SS is pending)

Recommended For:

  • Average to excellent students who want to be challenged every week.   Students can work at an advanced pace through the Ontario curriculum.
  • Struggling students who need more practice with fundamental skills.
  • Advanced SK students who can read.

Juku’s Goals:

  • To continually assess students to ensure their ‘Juku work’ is appropriate.
  • To help students understand their work by teaching on an individual basis.
  • To offer an affordable and flexible program that meets the needs of academically-focused families.

New Combo Students – 2 Week Trial

After registering, all new students will receive a binder and a two week assessment trial.  There is a one-time $10 registration fee.  

School Schedule (6:00-7:15pm)

 School schedule runs from the third or fourth week of October to the third week of June.  

 Rates start at $55/month for students registering to June and before  Dec 1.

Transfering to SGC

Students can transfer to any Small Group Classes (SGC) at any location by paying the difference in fees.   

Once the class is over, they can transfer back to the Combo class.