Free Juku Seminar Series With Juku’s Director, Paul Tazumi (Mr. T):

Mr. T’s career can be divided among three segments:  the young MBA corporate worker (Oil, Banking, Advertising, and Communications);  the Bay Street adult vocational trainer (Tazumi-Tech Business and Computer College), and the passionate children’s educator (Juku Learning Centres, Camp Juku, One Red Apple Learning Inc.).   By far, the most rewarding endeavour has been helping children develop a mindset where they can do anything.   

His mantra is, “Practice makes Progress”.   It is not about the pressure to be the best…just be your best.  In camp and all his classes, he always throws in a few tidbits of knowledge to inspire the children to be better students and citizens.   He has also talked to thousands of parents.

Now is the time to pass down his observations to parents faced with the myriad of challenges of trying to bring up academically focused children. 

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