Beckett Farms PS or Mount Joy PS
July 10- August 18

 Amazing, Awesome, Not Boring, Insanely Good Camp!

Math • English • Science • Sports • Reading • French • Drama • Dance • Business • Leadership/Team Building • Careers • Persuasive Writing • Yoga • Tai Chi •  Public Speaking • Debating • Magic • Art • Chess • Rubik’s Cube • Basketball/Badminton
(activities vary each year)

For over 20 years,  Camp Juku has offered an entertaining, educational, and diverse array of interesting academic, social, and personal development subjects.   It is a week of learning, laughing, and building good memories. Don’t take our word for it, read some of our student testimonials.

As students recover from years of covid isolation, we will continue to focus on:  Communication, Confidence, Social Interaction Skills, and Fun.

Currently there are limited spaces available at Beckett Farm PS and Mount Joy PS.

Juku Online Classes – From $9/hr  (not offered during the summer)
Math•English•Science•French•Public Speaking•Debating
Vocabulary•Learn-to-Read•Mental Math
Take one of Juku’s Online Classes to have your child get ahead and stay ahead.
Our affordable, Ontario curriculum-based classes have online lectures (Zoom) with experienced teachers and regular homework with answers (Google classroom).

Fees are $10/hour or $9/hr for those who register early.   Family discounts.  Add a vocabulary class for only $7/hr.

Returning Students Special:  You and your friends save 10%.  Math 6 or 7, save 30%.

* Director’s Comments.  (1) Five Reasons to Take Online Classes,  (2) The Number One Trait for Children to Succeed. 

Math and English Combo Classes 
From $10/hr
The popular Math and English Combo class provides 90 minutes of teaching and 1-2 hours of homework.  This class is ideal for average to excellent students.  The Small Group classes are curriculum-based Math or English classes.  The Learn-to Read classes gives children a head start on reading skills. 

(not offered during the summer)

Math and English Combo Booklets 
40 booklets of Ontario-based Curriculum work for only $90
We have 400 levels of work that has been used by thousands of student for the last 20 years in our popular Combo class.  Each child will get a customized bulk package of work — 40 individual booklets.   We recommend one book per week.

It is perfect for students of all abilities.  It can be used as remedial practice, keeping up in school, or for working ahead of the curriculum.  Each booklet covers curriculum math, plus vocabulary, spelling, grammar, reading, and composition.  Many top students have worked through the booklets.   

Booklets are available for grades 1-8.   Good students can work ahead of the grade.  Some samples and partial answer sheets are available online.  It will be up to the parents to monitor progress and marking.

Booklets can be picked up in Markham or Scarborough or delivered ($15).  

Juku’s Free Seminars Series (minimum enrolment of 15 required)

Parent Orientation Meeting (not offered during the summer)
Join us for a free 90-minute zoom session for parents interested in listening to the Director discuss any or all of the following topics: Juku, Online Classes, Summer Camp, Raising Academic Children, The Importance of Vocabulary, The number one thing your children should do during the pandemic, and any topic you wish to bring up.

We’d love to see previous parents, but this session is open to any parent.  Bring a friend, but not your children.  We’ll end the session with some games and prizes.

If you are interested in the next session, please register online. Limited enrolment.  It will be held on a weekday evening. 

(not offered during the summer) 

How to Raise Academically Focused Children  (not offered during the summer)
Listen to a non-tiger dad who has brought up a doctor, dentist, and teacher and has maneuvered through the private/public/catholic/gifted/UTS and CAN/USA private/public/Ivy university school systems.

Paul Tazumi, BA, MBA, has been teaching adults and children for over 25 years as an owner of a private college, tutoring centre, and summer camp. He has talked to thousands of parents and children and has seen many common threads to what makes a child succeed in school, career, and life.  Here are his observations.

Previous seminars:  “Welcome to Camp Juku”, “The Importance of Vocabulary”, “Be Fearless – No Try, No Succeed!”, “Student Debt is not the Problem” and “Parent Orientation to Juku”.
(not offered during the summer)