Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

If you know anything about Juku, it is that we love to play games for prizes big and small.   Every class ended with a quick game for prizes and candies.  Every Camp Juku week ended with everyone taking a visit to our “toy box”.  We used to have an office right beside a Dollarama and let the students cause chaos roaming through there for one item. 

“Five minutes we pay, six minutes you pay!”

This year we can’t give out the small prizes (Amazon won’t deliver a box of Smarties to Oakville), so the prizes will be bigger, yet fewer.

There will be weekly prizes during the Camp and grand prizes at the end of the camp.   Weekly prizes are for camper that week.  Grand prizes are for any camper of any week. 

Everyone has a chance at the Nintendo Switch Lite.  Camper or not.  Please enter your name in the raffle below.  One entry per phone number.  

Juku Raffle Draw
One entry per phone number.