Course Name: Level 2 Science

Course Description: Students will be taught equal parts grade 6-7 curriculum material as well as subjects outside of the curriculum which they will find useful or interesting in later grades. The course will introduce the students to biodiversity, electricity and space. The students will also get their first look into chemistry with the introduction of pure substances and mixtures.

Course Goals:
Build fundamental understanding of science that students will need in later grades and highschool
Generate interest and enthusiasm for science
Get students ahead of the science curriculum so they prosper during the school year

Course Content:
Unit 1 Biology: Roles and Components of An Ecosystem
Unit 2 Physics: Forces Acted on Structures
Unit 3 Physics: Electricity and Its Sources
Unit 4 Chemistry: Particle Theory and Properties of Matter
Unit 5 Space: The Sun and Moon

Teaching Strategies: Direct instruction, interactive computer simulations, group work, independent learning and investigation, weekly lecture and homework.