Welcome to Juku Classes


New classes starting in February. 

New Class Offerings!*

Math 9, Mount Joy PS, 7:15pm-9pm

Math 10, Middlefield C.I., 7:15pm-9pm

Writing 6/7, P.E. Trudeau, 7:15-8:45pm

All classes $60 per month.

Bring a friend, who is new to Juku, and save $20 each.

                                                                                               *based on enrolment    

Register Online!

Returning COMBO students need not register; however, they must email/text us to reserve space.

New COMBO students need to register and be assessed.  There is a $10 registration fee that includes a two week free trial and binder.

Click below for more details regarding the COMBO and Small Group Classes.

Special Discounts

Rates are the same as last year with a few discounts:

Refer a friend: You save $20, they save $20.

Make one etransfer or cash payment, save 5%;
otherwise, submit 2/3 cheques.

Free Vocabulary Seminar, starting November 12.

Small Group Classes: submit requests to waiting@juku.ca