Benefits of registering before March 31st!

Besides taking advantage of great discount rates (10-30% off) and knowing that you have reserved a spot, you will qualify for the following:

100%  Refunds

You can cancel classes up to June 1 for a complete refund of  all fees. (class fees, other fees, and administration fees)

There is no penalty for registering early.


Free Movie Party  (Postponed)

Enjoy one of our family friendly big screen movies.  We provide snacks, popcorn, drinks, and games for J-points.  Just like summer camp.

Movies are held at Juku’s Scarborough office.*
Space is limited to 12 students.  

1  Mar 22, 2-4:30       tba               4.    Apr 4, 1-3:30pm    tba
2  Mar 22, 6-8:30       tba               5.     tba
3  Mar 28, 2-4:30       tba               Call to reserve space (416-737-7285)

Free Math/English Workbooks

Keep your child busy during the extended break with three weeks of Math and English workbooks. 

Send us your child’s grade and level, and you can pick them up at our Scarborough office.   Before April 7, 2020.

The exercises will be similar to work handed out during the camp and our year-round classes.    The only difference is that this work will not be taught or marked by us.

*Scarborough Office: 4168 Finch East, G19 (ground floor of a white office building west of Midland Ave).  Free Parking on 2nd-4th floor.   This small office is a clean environment that has been vacant since December.   I use it as my personal office for writing and creating academic videos.  Other than the regular movie nights I have with staff, there has been zero public access to this room.  
Note: Due to the province’s precautionary Coronavirus warnings, the Movie Parties will be postponed. Please text us to let us know if you wish to be notified of future dates for the Movie Parties.