News:   The last day to make payments in person is June 14.
Online (etransfer) payments only after June 14.

How to Register 

Student Information, Scheduling, and Camp Fees are all found on the Registration Form.
An excellent start for new parents is to view our… –> Registration Video.

We offer the following four methods to completing the Registration Form.

1. Automated Registration Form.   If you have access to Microsoft Excel (at least  v.2013), this is the easiest way to complete the registration form.  Simply fill in the basic information and the calculations will be done for you.   Click Camp Juku Registration Form (2019) v.2.7

Note: If there are technical problems, call/text us or use the “Manual Registration Form”)

2. Manual Registration Form.  You can try to fill out the student information and fee calculations, but we recommend simply filling out the information section and texting a picture to us.  We will calculate the fees and send it back to you.  Click –>Registration Form (to print)

3. No computer! No problem!Go to the “contact us” page on the website and email us the basic information (names, email, cell number, location, weeks, extended hours, meal plan…) and we will send you back a completed form along with a quote for fees. 

4. Register directly with a person (up to June 14).   If you prefer to ask questions in person and have someone complete the form with you, you can either phone us or make an appointment with the Camp Director, Paul Tazumi.  Paul will be at:   Middlefield CI (Mon), Beckett Farm PS (Tue); PE Trudeau HS (Wed), and Mount Joy PS (Fri).  All meetings are after 7:15pm.  Please call or text to confirm appointment times.  Payments can be made at these locations.

Early discount deadlines are based on the payment dates, yet you can get a full refund before June 1 (excluding registration fees).

We will  review all registration forms and return a confirmation/receipt.  The confirmation page must be signed and returned (email or a text picture is acceptable). Payments can be arranged by E-transfer, cash, or cheque (receipts will be emailed).


Important Highlights and Dates:

March 31       End of First Early Bird Registration.  You can still receive this rate if you register for 5 or more weeks.

May 15           End of Last Early Bird Registration. You can still receive this rate if you register for 3 or more weeks.

June 1             Last date to receive full refunds (less registration fees).  See refund policy for partial refunds.

June 14          Last day of “Tutoring Classes” at schools and to make payments in person.  Online (etransfer) payments only.

July 8              Camp starts.  Students will participate in “Leadership and Team Building” activities.   Mount Joy Sports/Activity Camp Starts.
All registration, payments, and comments will be conducted in the evenings during the camp weeks.

Field Trips     One day during the weeks of July 22-26, August 12-16.  Subject to weather forecasts.

Last Week     August 12-16. Normal morning Math/English.  All fun afternoons.  Field Trip. Camp year end trophies/awards.

Things to Consider:

  • All summer dates are dependent on YRDSB permit approvals (usually April).  If there are any changes from previous years we will notify you immediately.
  • If you are selecting a partial week, you may consider taking Fridays.   Students look forward to the finals of our Team Mini-Olympics, movies, prizes, raffles, and visit to the toy box.
  • All movies are age appropriate (two rooms).  Popcorn and juice boxes are supplied.
  • Trophies will be given out during the final week. You do not have to be in attendance the last week to win a trophy.  “Iron Person” trophies are awarded for perfect attendance.  The top award is the Teacher’s Choice and Spirit award.
  • Full refunds are available before June 1 (less registration fees).  Partial refunds for missed days are available.   See refund policy.
  • Keep your receipt for any refunds and for tax purposes.  Don’t lose it!

Referral Policy

Refer a friend to Camp Juku and you and your friend will receive a $20 referral discount.
Most of our new students come from previous students telling their friends about the great time they had at Camp Juku.  We would like to reward our loyal families.   Our referral discounts are available to all previous Juku Learning Centre parents (camp or classes) who are registering for three or more weeks.

To refer a family, just email: before they register and before June 1.
If you continue to refer families after you have registered, you will be receive a $20 credit for next year.

Conditions:  These conditions must be met. No exceptions.
1.  The new family (“referree”) must have never had a family member attend any courses or camp at Juku.
2.  The referrer must email Juku ( the referree’s name before the referee registers and before June 1.
3. Once a registration form is submitted, a later claim for a referral discount can not be made..
4.  If more than one family refers the same family, the discount will go to whomever emails the referral first.
5.  Under the “Bring a Friend” promotion, new families are limited to one $20 referral discount.  Other referrals will be a credit for next years camp.
6.  Referrees and Referrals must register for a minimum of  three weeks. If they do not complete the three weeks, then all referral fees must be returned (or discounted from refunds).
7.  All referral credits expire after two years and are not transferable.

Refund Policy

Things happen!  When you miss a class because of sickness, “Wonderland” visits, relatives in town, or for any reason, we do provide partial refunds. Only the “Class Fees” including:  meal plans, and extended hours are refundable, other fees (registration fees, field trips, car transfers…) are not refundable.  Non-qualifying discounts/referrals (“Adjustments”)  may be deducted from the refund.

The refunds for full weeks are based on the date of the email.
Before June 1, 2019:  100% of the “Class Fees” are refundable.
Before July 1, 2019  : 70% of the “Class Fees” are refundable.
After July 1, 2019    :  50% of the “Class Fees” are refundable.

Refunds for partial weeks (days): 70% of the “Class Fees” before July 1, 50% of the “Class Fees” after July 1.

Refunds are only available if we receive an email confirmation at before any days are missed.  At the end of camp, we will only be looking at this email address.
Refunds are processed before the October 15.  All refunds must be picked up before December 31/19 and accompanied with the original receipt.  Without a receipt, only a non-transferable credit for next year’s Camp Juku is issued.  A $3 fee is applied to e-transfers.
Note, this is a courtesy we offer parents when their child is sick or has to go elsewhere is not offered by very many other “camps”.  We can only offer this if we strictly abide by the rule that we only considered those requests made through “” and the processing is done after the camp is over (usually after October 1).   Sorry, but there are no exceptions.

Current Promotions

New Parents – Bring a Friend!  Now new parents to Juku Learning Centre, Camp Juku, or One Red Apple Learning Organization can earn a $20 referral discount for both you and your friend.  This is limited to one $20 referral per family.  Additional referrals will be for a credit for next year’s camp.  See referral policy.

Raffle for a Free Week.  Anyone who has watched the “Welcome Video” and has sent an email can win a free week.  The week is for the class fees (including meal plan) and is for one child (the discounted one if there is additional children).