Weekly Schedule

Our goal during the Summer is to get the children to work as hard as possible without them realizing it.  Every course we teach, even some courses that may be considered “dry” subjects (Law, Medical Science, History, Programming), involves raffle points, games, contests, and lots of humour. 

Three Locations:  Beckett Farms/Pierre Elliott Trudeau HS, Mount Joy PS, Black Walnut PS 

8-9am           Extended Hours – Free play time.  (TV, cards, game systems, reading, wifi)

9-9:15am      Attendance, Greetings, and Today’s Notices.

9:15-Noon    Math and English.  All English work has a component of vocabulary/spelling building exercises, grammar, reading, and creative or academic writing. The math work will primarily focus on computational drills, along with word problems and curriculum based exercises.  Students will always be challenged with work based on their abilities. Most of the work will be next year’s curriculum.

Noon-1pm   Lunch – Free Play Time.  There is a morning and afternoon break.

1pm-4:00      Mon, Tue, ThursSpecial Activities.   These activities will vary week by week and by location. The activity for the first week is always, Leadership and Team Building.  Other offerings have been: Art, French, Mechanics, Dance, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Public Speaking, Vocabulary, Lateral Thinking, Sports, Law, Magic, Comedy and Medical/Political/Environmental Science,

Wed, Fri – Contests, Games, Movie and Raffles.  Toy box visits on Fridays.

4:00-6pm      Extended Hours.