Purchasing Workbooks

The workbooks are developed for self-study with a minimal of guidance.  Children can do most of the work, but will occasionally
require parent’s or older sibling’s help and review/marking. 

To purchase workbooks for pickup or emailing, please call 416-737-7285.  There is some consultation required to match the appropriate level.
Fees are:  4 for $20, 12 for $50, 20 for $70 
Markham or Scarborough pickup, delivery fee $4, digital version will be available soon.

Workbook Levels

There are ten colour levels with 42 workbooks in each level.   Each booklet contains English and Math pages (usually 18-25 pages).
There are less pages as the work becomes more complex (higher grades).    
Although there are no duplicate pages within a grade, there is always
overlapping of  lessons from consecutive workbooks.  For instance, fraction addition practice might occur for a few weeks.
Practice and repetition is important.  
There are also 80 workbooks in our Learn-to-Read program (not available for home study). 

Click on a sample workbooks are available for viewing.  Each booklet is based off our charts to match what a B+ level student should
get for a certain starting month.    Eg.  “Gr 2 (Mar)”  means this work is appropriate for a B+ grade 2 student starting in March. 

Gr. 1 (Dec) B+ Level            Gr. 2 (Feb) B+ Level          Gr. 3 (Dec) B+ Level           Gr. 4 (Nov) B+ Level

   Gr. 5 (Apr) B+ Level             Gr. 6 (Mar) B+ Level          Gr. 7 (Oct) B+ Level           Gr. 8 (Sep) B+ Level