Most of our new students come from previous students telling their friends about the great time they had at Camp Juku.  We would like to reward our loyal families with referral discounts.

Before new parents register, they must complete the online referral form.

Last day to apply for a referral discount is April 15.

Referral Policy

Multiple referral discounts are available to all previous Juku Learning Centre parents (camp or classes) who are planning to join the camp or take classes.

Returning families are limited to three discounts.  The returning student discount is included.

Large groups of new families (4+) should contact the Director for a referral options.

Three Types of Returning and Referral Discounts

1) Returning Parents Refer a New Family (this is the most common): 

Both families can choose a referral discount.
a)   One Meal plan for a week, 30% off additional siblings.
b)   One after and before care for a week, 30% off additional siblings
c)   One $20 credit.

b) Group Referral Discounts for New Families.   
A group of new families (4+) can receive a week of the meal plan or the am/pm hour discount if they register together.
Contact the Director for a family code.  Use the code when each family fills out the Online Referral Form.

c) Special Early Bird Discount Offer for Returning Parents (March email offer)   

Choose one. Returning families must register before April 1.  No referral is required.
a)   A week of meal plans for the family.
b)   A week of am/pm extended hours for the family.
c)   A $20 discount per family.

Referral Registration:   To register the referral, both families must complete the  Online Referral Form.

This is the only form we will use for referral confirmations and verifications.

To view the answers to common referral questions, visit FAQ.

Conditions:  These conditions must be met. No exceptions. 

1. Important Date:  Last day for the Referral Discounts is April 15.
2. Only returning families (“Referrer) can refer new families (“Referred Family”) unless it is a ‘Group Referral”.
3. Returning families and new families must complete the “Online Referral Form” before registering.
4.The new family must have never had a family member attend any courses or camp at Juku.
5. Referral discounts are only available at the time of registration. There are no discounts after registering.
6. A returning family can earn up to three discounts, including referral or returning student discounts.
7. All referral families and returning students must have at least one student registered for at least 3 full weeks of camp.
8. If more than one family refers the same family, the first completed form is accepted.
9. Referral discounts are only available for the current year and are not transferable.
10. All referral discounts will be rescinded if any of the conditions are not met, especially the three week requirement.

Referrals Common Examples

After the first bulk email/text promotion, we got lots of questions on the referral program.  Here’s the nitty gritty!

Here’s some common examples:

Assumption:  All parents have filled out the online Referral Form and have registered before April 15.

There is a Referral Discount (RD) limit of 3.

1.  Owen is a returning parent and refers Ann who is a new parent.  They both receive one regular RD.  [RD type 1]

2. Sally is a returning parent and refers four new parents.  Each new parent gets a regular RD and Sally gets three RD’s [1, max 3]

3.  Alfred is a returning parent and refers Jose who is a new parent, but Jose has already registered.  No RD [1}

4.  Julie is a new parent who refers Jack who is a new parent.  There is no RD unless there is a returning parent.  [1]

5.  Rob is a new parent and has three other new families interested in registering.
-After contacting the Director a group family group was set up and all of them will get one RD. [2]

6.  June is a returning parent and registers before April 1.  She will get a special RD. She doesn’t need to refer anyone.  (3)

7.  Joe is a returning parent and registers Winnie who is a new parent before April 1.  Joe will get a special RD and Winnie will get one regular RD. (3)

8.  Asheesh is a returning parent and registers four new parent before April 1.
-Asheesh will get a special RD and 2 regular RD’s and the other parents will get one regular RD. (3)

9.  Bob is a returning parent and registers after April 1 and refers Harold, a new parent.  They will both get a regular RD.  (3)

10 Pat refers parents after April 15.   No RD’s.

More complex scenarios:

1. Alice is a returning parent with two children and refers Tom who has one child.
Tom and Amy get one regular RD.
If before April 1, Alice will get 1 special RD and one regular RD.

2. Alice is a returning parent and has three children and she refers families, Tom, Amy, Bob, and Joe.
Tom, Amy, Bob, and Joe get one regular RD.
If before April 1, Alice will get 1 special RD and two regular RD’s because the maximum is 3 RD’s.
If she wants the meal plan: she can get the first week for all three children, and a second week for 2 of the children.
It will cost and extra $21 for the third meal plan ($30 x 70%).
After April 1, Alice will get 3 regular RD’s..

Note: referrals will not show up on the invoice.  They will be recorded and printed out weekly for the camp staff.

Still confused?  Call/Text the Director. 416-737-7285