Camp Juku




Built Confidence by Joining Camp Juku

Volunteering at Camp Juku is a tremendous character builder.  Students will learn leadership, patience, organization, public speaking, and overall communication skills.  We are really proud of the work performed and the progress of our high school volunteers.

Many of our volunteer/teacher alumni have gone on to do great things.

Every year, we have a few spaces for volunteers to assist teachers with classes and activities, marking worksheets, child monitoring during breaks, assisting with lunch/movie food distribution, and leading teams during group games.   Volunteers who possess some unique teachable skills (chess, Rubik’s cube, dance, magic, art…) may have the opportunity to lead an activity.

Most of the positions are filled by returning volunteers or previous “Spirit Award” winners.   They have demonstrated that they have: maturity; character; high academic standards; familiarity with the Juku camp rules and regulations; and a disposition of being “friendly and patient” with children.

We always have more volunteer applications than positions available.  Applicants have an edge if they can volunteer for the whole summer, have special skills (dance, drama, art…), or have Camp Juku experience.

If you are interested in volunteering, please print, complete, and email the volunteer form.
Email the form to teach@juku.ca or (416)737-7285.  You should be in grade 9-12.

Greatest of All Time (GOATs)

For the Director, Paul Tazumi, working with volunteers is one of the major joys of running Camp Juku.  Many start off as volunteers for high school community hours, then are volunteers with stipends, and then camp teachers.

Some famous alumni who have been long-time students, campers, volunteers, teachers with Juku are: Jennifer Chan (BA, B.Ed in progress) has been with Juku for twelve non-consecutive years; Daphne Ku (BA, M.Ed), eleven consecutive years at Juku;  John Dias (BA, B.Ed, MA), non-consecutive fourteen years at Juku, Saad Masood (B.Comm, MBA) ten years at Juku, Max Tazumi (BA, B.Ed), lifetime at Juku, eighth year as a TDSB teacher, and Spencer Tazumi (BMSC, DDS, MD), lifetime at Juku.