Registration and Fees


Only new students need to register. ($10 one time registration/binder fee)

You can either do everything online or talk to the Director for help (416-737-7285).

Payments can be made by etransfer (, cheques, or cash.


Click below for details:

The Rates

Basically, if you register for the year, the Combo rate is $55/month.
The Combo rate is $50/month if you are a returning student or camper from the previous year.
There are e-transfer/cash discounts (5%) and referral discounts ($20/$20). (before Feb 1)

For Small Group Classes, the fees are based on the length of each class and the number of classes.

To view and print the complete ratecard click here: –> Ratecard for Combo and Small Group classes 2018

Key things to know:

  1. The final calculations are based on the ratecard and the number of classes at your location.
  2. Call or text us (416-737-7285) and we can do the calculations for you.
  3. All classes must be prepaid.  Make sure you get a receipt.
  4. Full year Combo students can transfer to an appropriate Small Group Class by paying the difference.
  5. The family discount only applies to immediate family (brothers and sisters).
  6. Combo students receive a binder to organize their notes.
  7. All requests for refunds require the “Request for refund/credit form” and the original receipt.

 Combo Registration Process For New Students

Step 1:  Print the registration form.  You’ll need this form to register.   Click here: –>Registration Form

Step 2:  Complete only the “Parent Section”.    

Part of the registration form is the assessment section (top right).  We need an idea as to how your child(ren) are currently performing at school.  We only need how they did on their last report card.  A, B, C+… for both Math and English.   This will help with the initial level of work.  However, week by week, the teacher will assess the work’s appropriateness.

We also require an email and signature.

Step 3:  Submission of Form.  You can now proceed with one of the following three options:

1. Send us a digital copy of the form.   Easiest way to is to take a picture and text or email us.   Note: to get near perfect pictures, you can use a free pdf/scanner app.

     Many exist, I use “Camscanner” on my Apple phone.

2. Meet the Director, either at one of the “Information Sessions” or at most school locations (especially during the first few weeks).  Please call to confirm the times.  

     Students can not just show up at a class because the teachers will not have material prepared, nor have time to deal with registration and assessment.

Step 4:  Attend class.  Just bring a pencil and eraser.

The teacher will welcome you and have material prepared.

The Math/English Combo classes will be from 6-7:30pm at the following schools:

Middlefield Collegiate Institute, Oct 22 (Monday), room 140

Pierre Elliott Trudeau High School, Oct 24 (Wednesday), room 163

Bill Hogarth Secondary School, Oct 25 (Thursday),  tbd

Mount Joy Public School, Oct 26 (Friday), Library


Small Group Classes (SGC, 4-10 students)

All Small Group Classes are scheduled by demand.   For fees, click here: –> Ratecard for Classes, 2018

If you would like to see a class scheduled, please let us know by emailing or texting us: the type of class, your child’s name, and preferred day/time.

Once we have at least four students at the same level and can make the class at the same time, we will try to assemble a class.

Classes ready to be scheduled soon:   Grades 8  Advanced Math/English class,   Grade 9 Advanced Math

Classes highly likely to be scheduled:  Grade 7 Math,  Grade 5/6 Writing

Classes we’d like to schedule:   Learn-to-Read,  Public Speaking, Vocabulary/Spelling, Math Drills for Skills

Mr T’s Special Class:



Refund Information

Snow Days or Cancelled Classes.
If for any reason, Juku is not able to run a class, there will be a full refund for that class.  A cheque will be issued the last day of class.  The most notable occurrence is when the school board cancels a class due to inclement weather.
Missed Days
There is no credit or refunds for missing a few classes.  Students should attend another class during the same week or arrange for homework or notes pickup.  If you are planning to take at least 4 weeks off, you can adjust your first payment.
It is important to complete a “Request for Credit/Refund” form or email as soon as possible.  Refunds are available for the remaining FULL MONTHS ONLY from the date a refund form is submitted.   Refunds are based on the ratecard rate for the months taken.  ($70 per month for less than 3 months).
Refunds are not available for Small Group Classes.  Since most Small Group Classes and Learn-to-Read Classes are based on having a certain enrolment for a specified number of weeks, it is not reasonable to reschedule a  class once it starts.

Referral Discounts

Referrals must be completed by Jan 1, 2019.

Our referral discounts are available to all previous Juku Learning Centre parents (camp or classes).

         Receive a $20 referral credit for every new family you refer to Camp Juku.  The new family will also receive a $20 discount.

Step 1:  To refer a family, just email: before they register and before Jan 15.

Step 2:  When they register, there will be a $20 discount applied to their fees.

Step 3:  When you register, all your referral discounts will be applied to your fees.

 If you continue to refer families after you have registered, you will be receive a $20 credit for next year.


Once again we “hate” paperwork!  These conditions must be met. No exceptions.

  1. The existing family (“referrer”) must be previously and currently registered with Juku.  The new family (“referree”) must have never had a family member attend any courses or camp at Juku or One Red Apple (Juku/ORA).
  2. The referrer must email Juku ( the referee’s name before the referee registers and before Jan 15.
  3. New students must register for a minimum of four consecutive months (16 classes).
    If they do not complete the four months, then all referral fees must be returned (or discounted from refunds).
  4. If more than one family refers the same family, the discount will go to whomever emails the referral first.
  5. The  “referrees” can only claim one referral discount.   This includes the “Bring a Friend” promotion.
  6. Referrals are not “retroactive”, that is, once a new student contacts us and we create a registration confirmation form, they cannot claim a referral discount later.