Juku Learning Centres

Since the pandemic we have mainly focused on Camp Juku.  The Online Classes and Tutoring operations have been on a demand basis only.

Director: Paul Tazumi Comments:  There is a time for everything and Juku Learning Centre has had a great run.  I have met some amazing families who just wanted to give their child an edge in academics and a learning mindset.  I hope we met the expectations  of the almost ten thousand children we have taught over the last 25 years.

I really can’t remember any bad moments.

So, what is left?  Well since the pandemic, we have created a variety of online material and still offer online courses if the demand is there.  I personally feel that my online classes are more efficient and effective than in-person classes.  We also continue to package our Juku Math and English curriculum sheets for parents to buy at a nominal cost.   Sheets will match their child’s grade and level.  Some parent supervision will be required, at least for the first few weeks.

Camp Juku, will continue because it is unbelievably fun and rewarding for all involved.

Looking back, here are some of the Director’s favourite classes:
The classes I enjoyed teaching the most were the ones where I knew that I had changed the trajectory of the child’s learning progress…and the class was popular.

1.  Early Reading Classes.  My sister has taught kindergarten for over forty years. She told me that 100% of her students can read before the year end.  That was my target for every class.  Nothing energized me more than teaching children to read through structured phonics worksheets and enthusiastic teaching.

2. Writer’s Workshop.  English is the only class you have to take for 12 years,  You might as well be good at it.  There is a simple structure to writing, then it is practice, practice, practice…

3.  Eliminating finger counting.  I could guarantee that in ten lessons, I could get a grade 1+ child to add single digit numbers to double digit numbers without using their fingers.

4. Any Math, but especially grades 7-10.  Math is structured and it is easy to get improvement.  It is basically teaching the concept in a lot of different ways, then “drill baby, drill”!

5. Any On-Line Class.  I got to use my colourful slides, graphics, animations, puzzles, cartoons, and kahoots.  Two to three times more information is delivered in the same time frame.
It’s the future.  My son attended a top medical school and he hardly attended any lectures.  His exams were taken at on-line test centres.

6. Vocabulary.  This is probably my favourite topic to teach.  A grade 4-9 student has a advanced vocabulary range of 500-800 words.  I increase that by 25% in ten sessions.
I have fun telling a story behind each word.  It is a huge part of my morning every day at summer camp.

7. Every day, every class, every activity at Camp Juku.   Even the registration period and the pre and post-camp staff meetings are highlights.