Learn-to-Read (LTR) for non-readers (JK,SK,1)

“Get Ahead, Stay Ahead – Start Reading Early”

Through a series of phonics-based short and fun activities (6 levels),
your child 
will learn the reading skills basic to academic success.

1 hour of class time per week
1-3 hours of homework

The Learn-to-Read classes are teacher-driven classes.  Teacher’s will spend their time marking homework, assigning new work, teaching a phonics-based lesson, and creating a short story to be read by all the senior students.

Once students are reading, they will be promoted to JUKU’s  Math and English  Combo Class.

* Note:   If you cannot make the LTR class time, it is possible for SK students to attend the Combo Classes.

Juku’s Reading Strategy

  1. Developing drawing skills. How to use a pencil and draw.
  2. Recognizing letters. Sorting, Capitalization, Sounds.
  3. Learning how to write letters. Proper formation.
  4. Understanding letter combinations.  ch, bl, tr, gl…
  5. Identifying the sound of words. Listen, Identify, Print.
  6. Reading Irregular words. Silent letters, Tricky words.
  7. Reading simple sentences and stories.
  8. Practice, Practice, Practice.