Juku Online Classes 
Fall 2022 Schedule and Fees

Director’s Comments

Welcome to Juku Online.We have been in the tutoring business for over 20 years.   Due to the pandemic all our courses are only offered online.   Courses range from 8 to 20 weeks in duration.

The Zoom lectures are 1.5-2 hours long and will cover a new topic each week.   Highschool classes are 2 hours long.  Homework and answers will be posted weekly in the google classroom.  Supplemental Homework Classes are 1 hour long.

All courses are offered based on demand.  Some courses are guaranteed to run and others will depend on the enrolment.   Previous courses are:  Math, English, Science, French, Public Speaking, Debating, Vocabulary, Math Contests, Writer’s Workshop, Shakespeare Primer, and Politics.  Math, English, and Public Speaking are the most popular classes.

Please register as soon as possible.  It will help us confirm the start date of classes, ensure space for popular classes, and prevent the deletion of non-popular classes.  Register even if the proposed class day/time is not suitable.  We will try to group students into preferred dates.  There is no cost to registering and payment fees are not due until the week before classes starts.

Cancellation Policy.  You can cancel anytime before the third week.  100% of all future fees will be refunded.  If the classes have not started, 100% of the fees will be refunded.

If you have any questions, please text/call me (416-737-7285).

Director:  Paul Tazumi

Students Must Pre-Register for All Classes
Registration is not a commitment to take the class. It gets you on our “waiting list”.
If the scheduled day/time is not suitable for you, register and make a comment on your best day/time.
It helps us to schedule classes and to notify you of confirmed start dates.
Once a course is confirmed to start, we will return a summary of fees, times, and zoom codes.
Fees are based on the registration date.
* Don’t worry, we always have room for new students before the the 6th class.

Standard Class Fees

Payment is not required until the week before classes starts. 

cool  Standard Fee:  $10/hr,  Early Fee:  $9/hr,  Optional: Supplemental Classes: $7/hr,  Class retakes: $7/hr,

cool  Premium Fee: Add $1/hour for premium classes (high school, skip grade, special course).*

cool  Additional children (same family) save 10%. **

cool  Classes are confirmed as soon as 6 students have registered.

cool  Remaining Class Refunds: 100% before the 3rd week. 70% before the 4th week. 50% before the 5th week.

cool  Returning Students Special:  You and your friends save 10%.  Math 6 or 7, save 30%.  

cool  Small Class Sessions.  2-3 students ($25/hr), 4-5 students ($15/hr).    

Standard Classes may be cancelled with less than 5 students. (remaining classes will be 100% refunded).

*     Premium classes: high school, skipping grades, partial course or have  additional costs to run.
        Supplementary classes are for detailed homework review and extra help. 
**   Sibling discount (10%) is applied to the sibling with the lesser fees.  Same immediate family.
*** For refund details:  Refund Policy.

Fall Schedule (Tentative)

All classes are 90 minutes unless specified otherwise.

Each class requires a minimum of 6 students.

If you prefer other day/times, enter them in the comment section.    

Math classes are enhanced and students should enrol in courses for their grade level.


Previous Classes                                     Fall Classes Requested (As of Sep 1/22)

English Writing 3                                     Math 6
English Writing 4                                     Math 7
English Writing 5                                     Math 8
English Writing 6                                     English 6
English Writing 7                                     English 7
English Writing 8                                     Vocabulary 5/6
Debating 5-6
Debating 7-9
French (beg)
French 4-5
Math 2
Math 3
Math 4
Math 5
Math 6
Math 7
Math 8
Math 9
Math 10
Mental Math 2+
Politics 6-9
Public Speaking 5-6
Public Speaking 7-9
Science 1 4-5
Science 2 6-7
Science 3 8-9
Vocabulary 5-6
Vocabulary 7-9

Class times and availability are subject to change.
Please register as soon as possible to help us determine if a class will start.
No payment is required to register.

c  –  ready to start
w – waiting for 1-2 more students,
N/A – not available this semester
tba – day/time is to be announced if there is interest  

Requirements:  computer, wifi, Zoom, Google, and a printer.