Juku Online Classes 

July5 – August 27, 2021

*** It is not too late to register.  You can get the 2nd Early Bird rate if you register now to the end of the course.***

Director’s Comments

Welcome to our second summer of Juku Online.  

In addition to offering the popular academic courses of Math, English, Science, and French, we have some general interest or specific skill courses such as Learn-to-Read, Mental Math, Public Speaking, Debating, Shakespeare Primer, and Politics. 

This summer some of the courses will be offered twice a week.  The first class (Main Class) is the normal teacher-led, Zoom class with weekly homework, notes, and answers being provided.  The second Zoom class (Supplementary Class) is optional.  It is for students who want more homework support and extra practice.  The teacher will go through each homework question, provide additional exercises/lessons, and use Kahoots for testing and review.  The second weekly class is $5/hr and will have no extra homework.

Please register as soon as possible.  It will help us confirm the start date of classes, ensure space for popular classes, and prevent the deletion of non-popular classes.  There is no cost to registering and payment fees are not due until later.   

Read below for information on Fees, Scheduling, and Registration.

Click the boxes below to “View Course Descriptions” or if you want to leave a comment or receive some special notices about courses, scheduling, events, and raffles, click on  “Comments and Information”.   I will also let you know which days I will be available for Zoom conferencing or testing connections.

Director:  Paul Tazumi  

Payment is not required until the class is confirmed to start.

cool  1st Early Bird Savings! $7/hr for regular classes. Register before June 21!

cool  2nd Early Bird Savings! $8/hr for regular classes (July 1st). $9 after July 1st.

cool  Add $1/hour for premium classes (highschool, skip grade, partial course).*

cool  Additional children (same family) save 10%. **

cool  Refer a new family before July 1st and receive a $20 discount.  Limit to one per family.***

cool  Classes are confirmed as soon as 6 students have registered.  Payment is required once a class is confirmed.

cool  100% refund before July 1st.  75% before the 2nd class.  50% refunds after the 2nd class starts.

*     Premium classes: high school, skipping grades, partial course or have  additional costs to run.
**   Sibling discount (10%) is applied to the sibling with the lesser fees.  Same immediate family.
*** A “new family” is one that has never taken a class/camp at Juku and have registered before the first class. 
       For referral details:  Referral and Refund Policy.

Tentative Summer Schedule

All classes are 90 minutes unless specified otherwise.

Each class requires a minimum of 6 students.

Students should enrol in courses for their grade level.


Learn to Read SK-2         M          10-11:30am (tba)
English Writing 2            T            10-11:30am (tba)
English Writing 3            T,F         12-1:30pm (tba)
English Writing 4            T,F         2-3:30pm (c)
English Writing 5            T,F         4-5:30pm (c)
English Writing 6            M,TH    10-11:30am (c)
English Writing 7-8        M,TH    12-1:30pm  (c)
Debating 5-6                    M,TH    12-1:30pm  (c)
Debating 7-9                    M,TH     2-3:30pm (c)
French (beg)                     M,TH    10-11:30am (tba)
French 4-5                         T,F         10-11:30am (tba)
Math 2                                TBA
Math 3                                T,F         10-11:30am (tba)
Math 4                                T,F         12-1:30pm (c)
Math 5                                T,F         6-7:30pm  (c)
Math 6                                T,F         4-5:30pm (c)
Math 7                                T,F         6-7:30pm (c)
Math 8                                M,TH     6-7:30pm (c)
Math 9                                TBA
Math 10                              TBA
Mental Math 2+               M           2-3:30pm (tba)

Politics 6-9                        W       12-1:30pm (tba)
Public Speaking 5-6       T, F     12-1:30pm (c)
Public Speaking 7-9       T,F      2-3:30pm  (c)
Science 1 4-5                    W        4-5:30pm  (c)
Science 2 6-7                    TH      4-5:30pm  (c)
Science 3 8-9                    M        4-5:30pm  (c)
Shakespeare 6-9             W        2-3:30pm  (tba)
Vocabulary 5-6                M        4-5:30pm  (c)
Vocabulary 7-9                W        4-5:30pm  (c)

Class times and availability are subject to change.
Please register before June 15 to help us determine if a class will start.
No payment is required to register.

c – confirmed to start
w – waiting for confirmation from a few students.
tba – To be announced.  Usually not enough students.

Requirements:  computer, wifi, Zoom, Google, and a printer.

Students Must Pre-Register for All Classes

  Registration is not a commitment to take the class.
It helps us to schedule classes and to notify you of confirmed start dates.
Once a course is confirmed to start (late June), we will return a summary of fees, times, and zoom codes.
To make any changes (additions/deletions) you can register the change only. 
Full refunds are available before July 1.