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*** Posted June 12, 2021 ***



Unless you were not aware, the Ontario math curriculum is finally getting a revamp. It is a welcome change from the focus on calculus and functions to mathematical modelling, coding, and financial calculations. Streaming classes (Applied vs Academic) will be discontinued. Albeit, the change will only happen at the grade 9 level for now.

Anyone in my math classes know that I have been ranting about the Ontario math curriculum for years. I’ve taken lots of graduate courses in math and business and have never come across calculus or functions. Most people, day to day, only use up to grade 8 math knowledge. When was the last time you had to find the equation of a line or factor a trinomial or use exponents? Granted, if you are planning to be in the science or engineering field the calculus/functions stream will always be available.

 Here’s the latest update from the Ontario Ministry of Education:

Immediately, even this summer, I will be updating my courses to include some financial calculations, probability, coding, and mathematical modelling. As a previous programmer analyst, microsystems manager, commerce grad, and MBA (management science), these topics are up my alley. The changes will fully be included in all the fall courses, grades 6-9.

As the government adds more direction to their math curriculum, we will adjust our classes to meet their needs.          As I also tell my students, “don’t argue, just play the game – get the grades and move on!”

Summer classes start July 5th. Early bird rates end June 15th.  Visit our website for details.


Paul Tazumi
Director, Juku Learning Centres


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