Referral Program for Online Classes

Refer a family to any Juku Online Class and  you will receive a $20 referral credit for future classes or camp.  
The new family will receive the first class free.  The class must be the first class of the session.

Referrals must be done before the course starts and the referree/referred family must be registered for the whole course.

To refer a friend, just add your friends name to the bottom of the “registration form”.

Conditions:  These conditions must be met. No exceptions.

1.  The new family (“Referree”) must have never had a family member attend any courses or camp at Juku

2.  Both the referring family  (“Referrer”) and Referree must enter the names into the registration form before either registers.

3.  Once a registration form is submitted, a later claim for a referral discount can not be made..

4.  If more than one family refers the same family, the discount will go to whomever registers first.

5.  Referrees and Referrers must register for the whole course before the course starts.

6.  If the referrer or referee has not completed payment, the referral credit will not be recorded.

7.  Referral credits are not transferable and must be used within two years on classes, online classes, or summer camp. 

Refund Policy for Online Classes

Refunds are available for withdrawals from the program.   There are no refunds for missing classes.

Refunds start from the date we are notified by email confirmation at  There are no refunds for past dates.

One week before class starts:  100% of the “Class Fees” and “Other Fees” are refundable.

Before the second class starts:  75% of the “Class Fees” remaining are refundable. 

Before the fifth class starts: 50% of the “Class Fees” remaining are refundable.

There are no refunds after the start of the fifth class.

In the event that Juku has to cancel a class (weather, enrolment, illness…), a full refund will be available.

Note: Any discounts or free classes based on full enrolment will be rescinded and refund calculations will be based on no discount being applied.