Juku Online Classes 

Fall/Winter Term has 9-12 sessions.

 English – Math – Science – French – Reading – Public Speaking – Debating

Mental Math – Vocabulary – Politics

cool   Fall Online Classes:  $7/hour is based on full enrolment.  $9/hour for partial weeks.

cool   Refer a new family before the first class and receive a $15 referral credit.* 

cool  Classes start as soon as 5 students have registered.

cool  Additional children (same family) save 15%. **   

cool  Add $1/hr for “Premium” classes or classes above the child’s grade level.***   

* A “new family” is one that has never taken a class/camp at Juku and have registered before the first class.   See Referral and Refund Policy.
** Sibling discount (15%) is applied to the sibling with the lesser fees.  Same immediate family.
***Premium classes may have limited enrolment or additional costs to run or are for any child who wants to take a course above their grade. 

Early Registration is not a commitment to take the class.  It helps us to schedule classes and start dates.