One Red Apple
Learning Organization

A non-profit corporation.

The primary purpose of One Red Apple (ORA) is the establishment and operation of an educational organization that will offer affordable academic programs to elementary school children “struggling” with fundamental skills.

ORA Goals (Affordable and Effective)

  • Giving all students an opportunity through discounts or financial awards to afford classes and tutoring that will help them reach their academic potential.
  • Helping future teachers gain “real hands-on” experience as they prepare for a career in education.
  • Fostering community spirit and volunteerism among the staff and student body through helping each other, social events, charitable causes, and educational contests.
  • Developing a group of high school volunteer markers/facilitators to assist teachers with the classes and camp activities in math and non-math areas.

ORA Classes and Summer Camp

  • COVID Changes:  Call for the latest news and virtual classes and camp.
  • Math programs for struggling students.  Struggling is defined as students: at risk of failing; performing telow the grade expectatons; or good students who have a weakness in a pre-requisite area.
  • English programs for poor readers, spellers, or writers.  Small group classes with a specific skill-based purpose (reading, spelling, grammar, writing, vocabulary…).
  • Summer Help Program for students who desire to use their Summer to upgrade their math or English skills.  This will be in conjunction with Juku Learning Centres.

New Classes for 2021/22

Math Drills for Skills – $50 for 10 classes

Vocabulary/Spelling Building – $25 for 10 classes

Fundamental Reading Skills – $25 for 10 classes.


Markham Office 5694 Hwy 7
Pierre Elliott Trudeau HS
Middlefield Collegiate Institute
Mount Joy PS

Contact Us.

Classes developed by student for students.

Call/text: 416-737-7285


How can we offer such low fees and be non-profit?   We are able to maintain a high quality of instruction and facilities with the generous help of our teachers (many who are currently in Teacher’s college) and high school volunteers.  Most of our classes are offered in public schools, late at night or in the summer, when the fees are minimum.