Things happen!

When you miss a class because of sickness, “Wonderland” visits, relatives in town, or for any reason, we do provide partial refunds.

All refunds are for future missed days.

Refund Policy

Only the “Class Fees” including:  meal plans, and extended hours are refundable, other fees (registration fees, field trips, car transfers…) are not refundable.  Non-qualifying discounts/referrals (“Adjustments”)  may be deducted from the refund.

Important Dates:  To qualify for a refund, you must complete the “Online Refund Request Form” before any days are missed.

Before June 1  :   100% of the “Total fees”  are refundable. (less $25 administration fee for total withdrawal).

Before July 8   :    75% of the “Total fees”  are refundable. (less $25 administration fee for total withdrawal).

After July 8      :    50% of the “Class Fees (class, meal plan, extended hours)” are refundable (no admin fees)

August 16        :    Last day to submit a refund request.

October 15       :    Last day refunds are sent out..

You can transfer/change days for free.  There are no refunds for partial days.


These conditions must be met. No exceptions.

1.  100% or 75% refunds are for missing full weeks only.
2.  Refunds are based on when the Refund Request Form is submitted. It is not available for previous days,
3.  If the missed dates reduce the referred family to less than 3 weeks, the referral discounts will not apply.
5.  For fees based on the # of weeks, if the missed dates reduce the number of weeks, a new weekly rate will apply.
6.  Before camp starts, refunds for planned missed days are discounted 50%, which is better than a daily rate.
7.  Last day to submit refunds is August 16.  Refunds will be sent out before October 15.

Note:  Refunds for missing a day (50% of the “Class Fees”) is a courtesy we offer parents when their child is sick or has to go elsewhere is not offered by very many other “camps”.

We can only offer this if we strictly abide by the rule that we only considered those requests made through the online form.  Sorry, but there are no exceptions.