How to Register

Student Information, Scheduling, and Camp Fees are all found on the Registration Form.
An excellent start for new parents is to view our —> Registration Video

We offer the following three methods to completing the Registration Form.
Our preferred method is using the Excel for accuracy and instant fee calculations.  Email all registrations forms to
(If you have browser problems, try using Google on a desktop computer.)

1. Automated Registration Form.   If you are not on a smartphone and have access to Microsoft Excel (at least  v.2013), this is the easiest way to complete the registration form.  Simply fill in the basic information and the calculations will be done for you.   Click –> CJ Registration Form (Excel)

2. Manual Registration Form.  You can try to fill out the student information and fee calculations, but we recommend simply filling out the information section and emailing a picture to us.  We will calculate the fees and send it back to you.  Click –> CJ Registration Form (pdf)

3. Confused with forms?  No problem!  Go to the “contact us” page on the website and email us the basic information (names, email, cell number, location, weeks, extended hours, meal plan…) and we will send you back a completed form along with a quote for fees.   You can always contact the Director and he will guide you through the process.  

Early discount deadlines are based on the payment dates, yet you can get a full refund before June 15 (excluding a $25 administration fee).
All meal plans and extended hours should be included in your registration.  They can be adjusted before camp starts.  There is a higher rate after camp starts.  See FAQ.

We will  review all registration forms and return a confirmation/receipt.   Payments can be arranged by E-transfer, cash, or cheque (receipts will be emailed).

Important Highlights and Dates:

March 31     Last date for the Bonus Free Week of Meals or Extra Hours (including siblings) for returning students.

April 15        End of First Early Bird Registration.  You can still receive this rate if you register for 6 or more weeks.

June 1          End of Last Early Bird Registration. You can still receive this rate if you register for 3 or more weeks.
                      Last date to submit a referral discount form.

June 15        Last date to receive full refunds (less $25 administration fee).  See refund policy for partial refunds.                   

July 3-10     Staff pre-camp preparation days.

July 10        Camp starts.  Students will participate in “Leadership and Team Building” activities.   Mount Joy Sports/Activity Camp Starts.
                     Last day to receive a 75% refund of class fees is July 10th.  After July 10th, you will receive 50%  of class fees.
                     All registration, payments, and comments will be conducted in the evenings during the camp weeks.

Aug 14-18    Field trip at Bruce Mills Conservation Park on Aug 17th or the best day without rain that week.

Last Week   August 17-21 Normal morning Math/English.  All fun afternoons.  Camp year end trophies/awards.



Things to Consider:

  • All summer dates are dependent on YRDSB permit approvals (usually April) and a minimum required registration (Mid May).  If there are any changes from previous years we will notify you immediately.
  • If you are selecting a partial week, you may consider taking Fridays.   Students look forward to the finals of our Team Mini-Olympics, movies, prizes, raffles, and visit to the toy box.
  • If you are taking 4 out of 5 days in a week, it is better to pay for the complete week and refund the missing day (50%).  Paying for 4 days will be more than a full week.
  • All movies are age appropriate (two rooms).  Popcorn and juice boxes are supplied.
  • Trophies will be given out during the final week. You do not have to be in attendance the last week to win a trophy.  “Iron Person” trophies are awarded for perfect attendance.  The top award are the Teacher’s Choice and Spirit Awards.
  • Full refunds are available before June 15 (less $25 administration fees).   It is importantant that you must email ( before any days are missed.  See refund policy.
  • All group comments/discount are sent by bulk email or bulk text messages.  Notify us of any changes.

Referral Policy   


Most of our new students come from previous students telling their friends about the great time they had at Camp Juku.  We would like to reward our loyal families.   

Multiple referral discounts are available to all previous Juku Learning Centre parents (camp or classes) who are planning to join the camp or take classes.

Returning families are limited to three referral discounts.  Large groups of new families (4+) should contact the Director for a referral options.


a) Refer a new family to Camp Juku and both families can choose a referral discount.     

         1.   One Meal plan for a week, 30% off additional siblings.

         2.   One after and before care for a week, 30% off additional siblings 

         3.   One $20 credit.

b). Group Referral Discounts for New Families        
                    A group of new families (4+) can receive a week of the meal plan or the am/pm hour discount if they register together.  
                    Contact the Director for a family code.  Use the code when each family fills out the Online Referral Form.

c)   Special Referral Discount for Offer for Early Bird Returning Parents registering for 3+ weeks. (email deal).

            A free week of meal plans or am/pm hours for the whole family.  Returning families must register before April 1.  No referral is required. 

Last day for referrals: June 1.

Referral Registration:   To register the referral, both families must complete the  Online Referral Form.

This is the only form we will use for confirmation and verification. 

To view the answers to common referral questions, click here –>    referral faq

Conditions:  These conditions must be met. No exceptions.

1.      Only returning families (“Referrer) can refer new families (“Referred Family”).
2.      Returning families and new families must complete the “Online Referral Form” before registering.
3.      The new family must have never had a family member attend any courses or camp at Juku.
4.      Referral discounts are only available at the time of registration.  There are no discounts available after registering.
5.      A returning family can earn up to three referral discounts.
6.      Both families must have at least one student registered for at least 3 full weeks of camp.
If more than one family refers the same family, the discount will go to whomever emails the referral first.
8.      Last day for the Referral Discounts is June 1.
9.      Referral discounts are only available for the current year and are not transferable.
10.    All referral discounts will be rescinded if any of the conditions are not met, especially the three week requirement.
11.    All refunds and referral payments are issued before Oct 15.

 Refund Policy (Camp)

Things happen!  When you miss a class because of sickness, “Wonderland” visits, relatives in town, or for any reason, we do provide partial refunds. Only the “Class Fees” including:  meal plans, and extended hours are refundable, other fees (registration fees, field trips, car transfers…) are not refundable.  Non-qualifying discounts/referrals (“Adjustments”)  may be deducted from the refund.

Important:  To qualify for a refund, you must submit the  Online Refund Request Form  before any days are missed.

Before June 15         :   100% of the “Total fees”  are refundable. (less $25 administration fee)  
Before Camp Starts :   75% of the “Class Fees (class, meal plan, extended hours)” are refundable. 
After Camp Starts    :   50% of the “Class Fees” are refundable. 

You can transfer/change days for free.
There are no refunds for part days.  

1.  After June 15, there are no refunds for “Optional Fees”, including registration, field trips and other fees.
2.  Refunds are available for missing all future full days.  There are no refunds for partial days.
3.  Refunds are not available for previous days, based on when the Refund  Request Form is submitted.     
4.  For referral discounts,  if the missed dates reduce the referred family to less than 3 weeks,
the referral discounts will not apply.

5.  For fees based on the number of weeks, if the missed dates reduce the number of weeks, a new weekly rate will apply.
6.  Before camp starts, refunds for planned missed days are discounted 50%, which is better than a daily rate.
7. Refunds will be sent out before October 15.

Note:  Refunds for missing a day (50% of the “Class Fees”) is a courtesy we offer parents when their child is sick or has to go elsewhere is not offered by very many other “camps”.
We can only offer this if we strictly abide by the rule that we only considered those requests made through the online form.  Sorry, but there are no exceptions.

Volunteering at Camp Juku

Volunteering at Camp Juku is a tremendous character builder.  Students will learn leadership, patience, organization, public speaking, and overall communication skills.  We are really proud of the work performed and the progress of our high school volunteers.   Scheduled fun movies and bbq/dinner events make for a fun experience for all.   Many of our volunteer/teacher alumni have gone on to do great things.

Every year, we have a few spaces for volunteers to assist teachers with classes and activities, marking worksheets, child monitoring during breaks, assisting with lunch/movie food distribution, and leading teams during group games.   Volunteers who possess some unique teachable skills (chess, Rubik’s cube, dance, magic, art…) may have the opportunity to lead an activity.

Most of the positions are filled by returning volunteers or previous “Spirit Award” winners.   They have demonstrated that they have: maturity; character; high academic standards; familiarity with the Juku camp rules and regulations; and a disposition of being “friendly and patient” with children.  Although we prefer previous Camp Juku students, we will consider experienced volunteers from other camps.  It is also beneficial if they can help the whole summer.

For the Director, Paul Tazumi, working with volunteers is one of the major joys of running Camp Juku.  Many start off as volunteers for high school community hours, then are volunteers with stipends, and then camp teachers. Some famous alumni who have been students, campers, volunteers, teachers and are still active with Juku are: Jennifer Chan,  B.Ed in progress (York) has been with Juku for over twelve years; Daphne Ku,  eleven consecutive years at Juku, completed Masters of Education, U of T ;  Saad Masood, ten years, completed Masters in International Business (Queens), and Max Tazumi, lifetime at Juku, seventh year as a TDSB teacher.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email or text the following form to or (416)737-7285.  You should be going into grades 8-12.

We always have more volunteers than positions.  The form will list the selection priorities. ===>  ORA – Camp Juku Volunteer Form v2