$10/hr Tutoring Classes now come with a Two Week Guarantee:

cool  Two Week Guarantee!  If you don’t like the class after two weeks, you can get a full refund.  In fact, you don’t even have to pay until the third class.

cool Vocabulary/Public Speaking Class for only $25 month if you are taking another “Class” or “Combo”.

cool Save $10 for every new student you refer to any current class or waiting list class. Instagram these bonuses?

Standard Classes:

Writer’s Workshop 2:  Grammar and Writing.  Gr. 5/6

Math (Reg. and Advanced).  Gr. 5-10

Writer’s Workshop 3.  The Writing Process. Gr. 7/8

Communication Skills.  Gr. 6-9

Power Vocabulary:  Building Confident Students.  Gr. 5-9

Learn-to-Read. JK/SK/1

Interested in other classes or locations? Call or text us, (416)-737-7285.

*Classes are taught by Mr. Paul Tazumi (BA(hons), MBA) or other highly qualified staff.   

Mr. T has over 25 years of adult and children teaching and camp experience.