For 20 years, Juku has offered an entertaining, educational, and diverse array of interesting academic, social, and personal development subjects.   

Every course we teach, even some courses that may be considered “dry” subjects (Law, Medical Science, History, Politics), involves raffle points, games, contests, and lots of humour. 

8-9am             Extended Hours – Free play time.  (TV, cards, game systems, wifi…)

9-9:15am      Attendance, Greetings, and Today’s Notices.

9:15-Noon  Math and English.  All English work has a component of vocabulary/spelling building exercises, grammar, reading, and creative or academic writing. The math work will primarily focus on computational drills, along with word problems and curriculum based exercises.  Students will always be challenged with work based on their abilities. Most of the work will be next year’s curriculum.  “Power Vocabulary” is provided to senior students.

Noon-1pm  Lunch – Free Play Time.  There is a morning and afternoon break.

1pm-4:00    Mon, Tue, Thurs – Special Activities.   These activities will vary week by week and by location. The activity for the first week is always, Leadership and Team Building.  Other offerings have been: Art, French, Mechanics, Dance, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Public Speaking, Vocabulary, Lateral Thinking, Sports, Law, Magic, Comedy and Medical/Political/Environmental Science.

Wed, Fri – Contests, Games, Movie and Raffles.  Toy box visits on Fridays.

4:00-6pm      Extended Hours.

Parents love the academic aspect of Camp Juku–kids really love the afternoon activities and fun stuff!
We offer movies, prizes, raffles, games, and weekly toys for everyone

Previous Afternoon Activities – We add new ones every year.     Arts and Crafts, French, Dance, Drama, Reading, Power Vocabulary, Medical Science, Political Science, Mechanics (Lego), Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sports, Magic, Card Tricks, Game Systems, Board Games, Geography, History, Law, Environmental Science, Tai Chi, Taekwondo, Chess, Rubics Cube, Programming, Public Speaking, Debating, Leadership, Team Building, Comedy/Improv, Math Magic, Creative and Academic Writing.

J-Points.   Throughout the day, students collect J-Points. These points are used to win daily prizes, weekly prizes, candies, snacks and a chance at being first at the toy box.

Mini-Olympics.  Each week, students play a series of team indoor or outdoor games.  We have developed over 40 team games to choose from.  All students participate. 

Movies.  Twice a week students relax with an age appropriate movie.  Popcorn and drinks provided.

Raffle Prizes and Freezees.  There are end of day prizes, weekly prizes, and special freezee days.

Special Fridays. At the end of the weekly assembly, we raffle draw for special prizes and the order of going to the toy box (everyone gets to go).  The Mini-Olympic winners are also awarded.

Field Trips.        Crazy fun field trips at Bruce Mills Conservation Park.

Join us for a full day of activities, entertainment and food at a very clean and safe private park.  This is the best ‘bang for the buck” that any parent has spent on a  field trip.

Location     This year we will be returning to Bruce Mills Conservation Area (Warden and Stouffville Road) for another great picnic outing.  The park is perfect for our purposes: separated from the other picnic areas, huge shelter and nicely treed area with plenty of field space.  It’s a short bus trip.

Time   The trip is scheduled for the last week of camp.  The scheduled day is Thursday, but it will depend on the weather forecast for that week.

Fun      From when the children first step out of the bus, there won’t be a dull moment.   After a quick overview of camp rules and expected conduct, we play a game to introduce all the teachers and the students to each other.  We then organize the group into teams and play a series of “new” relay games for prizes.  The younger children are supervised by the EduFun teachers as they play fun, lively, and safe games.  

Food   While the games are going on, a group of hard working teachers are barbecuing hundreds of hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, pizza, and vegetarian meals.  Children line up to pick up their meals along with chips, juice or water, vegetable sticks, and condiments, plus a dessert.   Last year, it was pretty much all-you-can-eat as we had a lot of leftovers. 

Relaxation  After the meal, we’ll crank up the music and let the students have some free time.   Students can play sports, dance, talk, take pictures, blow bubbles, demonstrate tai chi, taekwondo, or dance moves, or just “chill” with another hamburger.  Another fun-filled day at Camp Juku.

Due to lingering covid considerations, there will not be a sports camp this summer:

A Blend of Sports and Fitness with all the Fun of Camp Juku!
Sports in the morning and other activities in the afternoon.
The sports camp is only offered at Mount Joy PS.

Camp  Juku’s Sports program is for boys and girls in grades 3 and up.  Specialized teachers will guide students through sport and fitness activites. 

The main sports introduced throughout the summer are:  basketball, volleyball, badminton, soccer, indoor hockey and general fitness.  This is a recreational sports camp and not a camp for high level competitive athletes.

Morning:   The teachers will discuss the basic rules of play for each activity and coordinate practice drills.  Team and individual games will follow.   All equipment will be provided. 100% participation all the time.

Afternoon:  Students will join the rest of camp as they choose any of the activities offered that week (Dance, Art, Mechanics, Tai Chi, Magic, History, Science, Drama, Leadership….).  Although there will also be a sports activity offered, we recommend that students venture into experiencing a non-sports activity.

Other Activities:   Sport students will join the other camp students for all breaks, lunch, group activities, games, raffles, toybox visits, and field trips.

Due to gymnasium and equipment fees there is a $5/week fee for the Sports Camp.

Educational and Fun

“No child is left behind” – without having fun!

Camp Juku’s EduFun program is for students in grades JK-1.  Although the focus is still  on academics, teachers will lighten the day with art, crafts, stories, and games.   The EduFun students (JK,SK,1) will have their own separate room and facilities.

Morning:   The experienced teachers will guide them through math, English, writing, and reading lessons.   Teachers will also discuss general interest topics, such as science, nature, planets, countries…

Afternoon:  In the afternoon, students will be in the camp’s EDUFUN classes; art, crafts, puzzles, games, and educational activities.  There is always a high level of supervision, as many of our high school helpers teach students almost on a one-on-one basis.

Other Activities:   Students will join the older students for morning and afternoon assembly, breaks, lunch, group activities, games, raffles, toybox visits, and field trips.

All movies will be age appropriate (Family, Disney, cartoons).

All EduFun students must be at least 4 years old.